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    Hime Electronics International (Hime)based in Gdynia, Wielkokacka street  4B/65

    The warranty period for goods purchased from Hime is as follows:

    Used/second hand computers – 6 months, electronics repairs – 3 months. Brand new products have manufacturer’s warranty (details on manufacturer’s web page).

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    The warranty covers any defects of products under normal use during the Warranty Period.

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    The client is obliged to the product in it’s original packaging at his own expense.  The collection is done in the same place also at the client’s expense.

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    The time period of caring out the repair is 28 workdays maximum.

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    The customer has right to receive a replacement if the product was being  repaired five times within the warranty period.

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    The company does not accept returns of products in working order.

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    If our product’s serial number has been damaged the warranty is voided. Damage of the labels and stickers on the hard drives also voids the warranty.

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    The Warranty does not cover damages caused by improper use, store, maintenance or mechanical damage caused by the user. Here are some examples: liquid/water damage, damage of the cpu core or it’s overheating caused by improper installation of the cooling system, toasting or physical damage done to the hard drive.

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    The warranty does not cover damage resulting from natural disasters such as: fire, lightning strikes, floods, car accidents etc.

  • 10

    The following services are NOT covered by the warranty and will be charged for. Working state check, configuration, fuse change, recovery of lost/delated data, os/software.

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    The warrantor is not responsible for improper operation of software if there is no licence agreement.

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    Hime is not obliged to provide the client with replacement hardware for the repair period.

The most popular services

  • These are just examples, contact us for details
  • Cleaning and repairing water damaged computers
  • Replacements of LCDs and Keyboards
  • Replacements of BGA chips (GPUs or CPUs for example)
  • Motherboards repairs
  • Cleaning of laptops and iMacs
  • Battery replacements in Macbooks, Macbooks Air i Macbooks Pro Retina

Available configration changes

  • Popular upgrades among our clients:
  • Installation of SSDs in place of traditional, spinning HDDs in Macbook/Mini/iMac
  • Ram expansion: 8 or 16 GB in Macbook Pro, up to 128 GB in Mac Pro, up to 32 GB w iMac
  • Extensive upgrades of tower Mac Pros 2006-2012:

    CPU replacements, single & dual CPU configs, new CPUs have more cores and are faster. Also possible in an iMac.

    Graphics Card (GPU) replacements

    Installing newer Wifi/Bluetooth cards

    Adding PCIe cards (drive controllers, USB 3.0, Raid and others)

    BluRay drives installation

    Instalation of Mac Pro dedicated SSD drives with ultra fast controllers.

  • Software sale and configuration OS X or Windows included. Windows under BootCamp or by using virtualisation (Parallels Desktop for Mac)

Mobile Devices Repair

  • We repair Apple and Android based hardware:
  • Replacements of LCDs/batteries
  • Repairs after water damage
  • Simlock unlock
  • Every other repair of smartphones and tablets