10 Common Mac Myths

Myths and Facts about Mac Computers.  Are they true or are they made up? Myth 1 – Macs don’t get viruses. Fact 1: Yes but with * Similar to traditional macOS systems, there indeed have been fewer virus attacks compared to Windows systems, but Macs can still be susceptible to malware and other security threats. […]

Macbook Air 15” M2 Review

Long-awaited consumer Mac with big screen is going to be a jackpot. For years, most newcomers to the Mac world have been asking why most of Apple’s laptops had small screens. On the PC side, the 15” has been the norm since… forever. If you wanted a 15” screen, you had to go for the […]

ForkLift 3 now in Polish!

ForkLift 3 is one of the best file managers on Mac OS. Since the version 3.06 it gained a Polish interface which was created by me. http://www.binarynights.com/forklift/ I encourage you to try it out.Waiting for your feedback.